New client

I have just completed some web banner designs for a new client - Radiance Cleanse (radiancecleanse.com). Now up and live on wellandgood.com so go take a look.

Got some new pencils for my birthday

A few new logos.

Ok so been a little quiet for a while, but we have been busy designing, thinking and drawing.

But got a couple of updates for you. We have just completed work on a number of new identities for a couple of clients.

First off...

Direct Connect Logistics

A new start up logistics company that wanted there logo and further branding to have a fresh feel that stood apart from their competitors.



We have been working with Nerd Culture since their birth in one form or another, including the creation of their mascot character 'Nygel'. They contacted us asking to take a new look at their visual identity now that the direction of the organisation had slightly changed. they wanted a simple logo that would work well on clothing labels but would still represent the ethos of 'a square that doesn’t fit into a circle'. 

The logo we devloped is composed of two elements: 1 Square and 1 Circle. The square is intentionally forging outside the circle to express our individuality.

and finally

Little Chauntry

A newly refurbished country holiday cottage just outside Windsor is about to be marketed. They wanted a simple logo that could be used on literature and business cards.