A couple of weeks ago I set myself a personal project. As a warm up exercise in the morning I would pick a person who was born on that day and draw them, this could be anyone alive or dead, famous or not. It has been a really fun way to get the brain working in the morning and I hope to continue for a good while yet.

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Here are the birthday boys and girls so far.


Drawing Dad

Ok not the happiest start to the week, but something I would like to post. Sadly after a period of prolonged illness my father passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Being in hospital for quiet a while meant that I did a good number of hours visiting, and there for sitting around having coffee and sketching the passers by as I did so, if you follow me on twitter (@losttimedesign) or Instagram (losttimedesign) you will of seen some of these.

Anyway having Dad trapped in a bed for periods did mean that I got to sketch him. These are a couple of from the last few weeks.

After he passed away we were sorting out plans for the funeral, and my brother had the bright idea of "Dan why don't you draw a picture of Dad for the order of service" so no pressure there then. Anyway I did and it dawned on me that I think these were the first drawings I had ever done of my Dad, and in a weird way it was very helpful to sit and just think about him in my own way at two different times, when he was ill and then an earlier time when he was much healthier and happy.